Saturday, October 19, 2013

Great Saturday

Other than the Bulldogs losing it was a great Saturday here. Brian woke up with the boys and let me sleep! I woke up at 10:30! It was awesome. We were lazy around the house watching football and then after Jacob napped we went outside. I love my new camera and all the cute pictures I get of the boys. Caleb loves the swing that Brian built so most of the time he is playing on that. Today we played football. Jacob liked to chew on the balls and Caleb liked to kick them. Thankfully Caleb didn't try to kick one that Jacob had.

He's an airplane flying like Mamaw

What a cute little monkey :-)

Jacob likes playing on the slide too!

Caleb enjoyed playing in the rain. 

Everybody stopped for a picture
Dropping back for the pass
Setting them up for the kickoff...yes both of them. We like to see which one goes farther. 

Here he comes!

And the extra point!

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