Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caleb & School

We had our first parent teacher conference at Hebron yesterday. It was so exciting to hear how Caleb is doing at school. It was funny because on the first evaluation he didn't get a lot of the colors correct when he had to verbally express his answers because he wouldn't talk :-) When she asked him to point to the color he got them all correct! She did say that Caleb is starting to talk more now. He has always talked to the other kids but now he's talking with the teachers. Caleb can sing most of the alphabet song. He sings a lot of other songs too when he's at home. The teacher said that he doesn't sing much at school but she can see him whispering the songs now. He hasn't cried for a couple of weeks now when I drop him off for school. I am so proud of Caleb and how much he has learned and grown up in the last two months!

Caleb loves going to the park so we went this week and he and Jacob did some excavating.

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