Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mexico Beach

Last week we enjoyed spending the week in Mexico Beach, Florida. Mamaw & Papaw rented a house and invited the kids and grandkids down for the week. It was awesome! The house was great. It was spacious, we all had our own bedroom and bathroom and Mamaw cooked EVERY meal for us! The house was right on the beach. We set up two tents and were able to leave all of our stuff on the beach for the week! However we did have an inflatable boat for Jacob that blew away :-(  Mamaw had a round inflatable 'boat' with a hole in the middle for our feet to dangle in the water. It was awesome and the best float ever for the beach! I only got the camera out a few times. I did not want to risk getting sand all on my new camera :-)

There was a 'cut-out' in the stairs and Caleb loved to announce that he was going upstairs or downstairs.

Jacob with his adorable and cute smile :-)

Bo's Silly Face

Caleb had to imitate Bo

Happy Arabelle

Beautiful Sunset view from the back porch

Supper Time. Not sure why Caleb made this face but everyone decided to join in

Playing with Jacob - Crawling Race!

Photo Shoot!

Caleb didn't want to sit beside the others

Not sure what this face was for

Good Subjects

Family Pictures

The Boys :-)

And there goes the thumb

Time to wash off the hands

Arabelle and Caleb making pancakes

There goes Jacob

What are they up to?

The Best Float Ever!