Sunday, June 30, 2013


The boys and I went to Pineview last week to go see Mae for the first time. Even though that was the purpose of the trip I somehow did not take a single picture of Mae and me! She is such a cute baby. Her cheeks are not as chubby in person as they look in pictures. She seems so small since I'm used to Jacob but I know she's the same as Jacob was when he was that age. Caleb and Jacob got to spend some quality time with Mamaw & Papaw and their cousins, the Bloodworth's and the Robert's.

Doing some yard work

He's too busy to stop and smile

Jacob and Mamaw are busy playing!

Popsicle break

Jacob loves watching Caleb

Now time for a Snickers

Jacob liked to swing. He kept a good grip on the chains!

Caleb loved riding in the boat

Jacob and Mamaw enjoyed hanging out on the steps

Getting into everything!

Anderson swimming

Jacob loved watching Anderson swim

Riding in the Ranger. Isaiah LOVED the Ranger

Finally got a picture of Jacob's two teeth!

The swings were full!

Lowndes' loved to swing too!

Bo didn't look too sure about the slide

Isaiah was ready

I guess Caleb wanted to drive

Isaiah was driving everyone to the beach.

My boys

Anderson was taking Caleb on a ride!

Anderson enjoyed playing with his little brother.

Caleb didn't seem too sure about this ride

Isaiah taking a ride

Bo forgot to say Papaw!

Action shots

Anderson liked jumping on the float

Lunch time!

Isaiah riding in the Ranger, again!

Packing in the Ranger

Isaiah driving the ranger, again :-)

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