Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Business Trips

Brian has had a couple of business trips lately so the boys and I have gone to Pineview to visit Mamaw & Papaw. We had a great time and I definitely had a great time because I had help with the boys! We got to watch a couple of ball games: Anderson's in Macon and Arabelle's & Bo's in Broxton. Caleb loved the baseball game and we had to go buy him a baseball glove. He keeps saying play baseball game. We also went to see Moma Love & Uncle Jim down in Albany. We had a great time. Oh yeah, I got a new camera too, so I loved taking pictures!

Caleb was SO EXCITED about playing in Papaw's white Dodge truck!

Bo & Caleb taking a fruit snack break

Lunch time at the kid's table. Arabelle loved holding & talking to Jacob.

Hanging out in the Bumbo eating a baseball :-)

Arabelle climbing through the fort

Instead of climbing through the fort with Arabelle & Bo, Caleb plays with a remote

Then throws arm rest covers

Grandpa & Jacob

Riding in the airplane

Papaw teaching Jacob to play the piano, I think they are equally talented :-)

I was trying out the new camera and told Caleb to run. He was telling me to go back and not run with him.

Mamaw & Jacob watching from the tailgate

Caleb likes the bubble blower!

Guess who found the Snickers?

Jacob is so close to rolling over.

Moma Love

Uncle Jim

Grandma & Jacob

Grandpa & Caleb looking at the tractors. I got a picture of Grandpa smiling!!!

Curious Caleb, Grandpa told him no and that was his reaction.

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