Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Around the House

We have been busy and going a lot lately, but we have been having a lot of fun at the house too! Caleb loves to put on Moma & Daddy's clothes. Jacob can eat from a spoon now, but doesn't really like it.

He needed the golf shoes for better traction on the Batmobile.

Now add a shirt, a tie and a hat
Jacob's happy to be jumping

Helping Daddy grill in the rain


Such a cute and happy baby!

Caleb still fits and likes to hide in the cabinet.

Time for Caleb to eat some cereal, wait, Jacob's going to eat the cereal

It's okay, but I'm not gonna eat it all

Just relaxing watching Jacob eat

Ok, that's enough

I think I'll cry too.

Why not one more :-)

After going for a walk to watch the loaders and workers building houses we needed to cool off in the sprinkler. Caleb LOVED it! It was his first time in the sprinkler. He was in awe. He kept saying it was raining.

I cannot believe he stuck his head in the water! I guess he won't mind washing his hair as much now?

He was so excited he just ran!

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