Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break

We had a great spring break! We started our adventure in Pineview. We needed to pick up the beach umbrella and chair :-) We spent Thursday and Friday night with Mamaw & Papaw. Caleb had so much fun!

Saturday morning we left to head to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We left around 10:30 and arrived around 7:30. The traffic was horrible. It took us 2 hours to go 30 miles on the interstate. We stopped once for gas and a restroom break. Of course the gas station did not have a changing table in their restroom. So, the boys were changed in our front seats. Once we got on the road I realized that I should have made Jacob a bottle before we got back on the road. He had already had 2 bottles so I didn't think he would still be hungry. But alas, he was. After attempts to 'make' a bottle were taking too long I had to lean over Jacob and feed him. :-) That didn't last long, but it was enough to get him calm. Lesson learned, always keep a bottle up front and ready! When we got to Myrtle Beach we stopped at McDonald's for supper before checking into the hotel. We knew once we got to the room we would not be getting back out for anything. We enjoyed our meal and before we left I was going to change Jacob's diaper. I took him into the restroom where the handicapped stall was locked with a sign that said out of order. I assumed the changing table was in there since it wasn't on the wall. I went to the ask an employee to open it for me only to discover that South Carolina law does not require restaurants to have a baby changing station so they didn't. I was so surprised. So, I proceeded to change Jacob in the seat of the booth, and it was a poopy diaper! Luckily there wasn't any other people around. We got to the room around 9:15. There were large windows in the room and Caleb loved it! He was so hyper. Brian got him calmed down and ready for bed by reading him books.

Caleb woke up around 3:30 screaming because he didn't know where he was. So, Caleb and I spent the rest of the night on the couch. It was cool on Sunday so we decided to go to the indoor pool first. Caleb liked it okay but it was still sort of cold. Later in the morning we hit the beach. Caleb loved playing in the sand. Sunday evening we went to 'Broadway on the Beach' which is an area surrounding a pond with a lot of restaurants and shops. In the pond there were race boats that spun around. Caleb loved the boats! There were also a lot of birds and fish around since everybody fed them.

Ready for the beach!
Getting ready to go eat! Caleb needed a little snack :-)

Playing in the windows

Watching the boats!

On Monday we got up and went to the beach. It was much warmer except for the ocean. If you ask Caleb about the ocean, he will tell you that it is cold as ice. We hit up the indoor pool again before going in for lunch and naps. For dinner we went back to Broadway on the Beach and ate at Landry's, a seafood place.

Snack time!

Caleb liked to sit beside Aaron

Jacob hanging out in his hole

The indoor pool

 Tuesday we went to the beach in the morning but when the boys took their naps I went shopping with Lomax! I had so much fun. Not only did I get to go to some of my favorite stores, but it was free scoop day at Ben & Jerry's! We went back to Broadway at the Beach for supper. Caleb found some animals to ride.

Wednesday was our last day at the beach. We had the room reserved until Thursday morning, but we decided that it would be better to travel with the boys at night while they were sleeping. Caleb and I went to the beach in the morning. Caleb kept saying, "Daddy, Jacob" so we went back up to the room after stops at the outdoor and indoor pool. Caleb went back down to the beach with Lomax and Aaron while Brian, Jacob and I went out to eat breakfast and play putt-putt. Caleb took a great nap on Wednesday! That afternoon we went back out to the beach one more time to play and take some pictures of Jacob's first time at the beach. We left Myrtle Beach at 9 and got home at 2:30. It was definitely much easier driving at night!

Giving Jacob a kiss

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