Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 2013

I can't believe February is almost over already! We had a lot of milestones. Caleb turned 2 and got his first haircut. Jacob is 3 months old and is sleeping in his own room.

As Caleb has been saying all week, "Train Cake" 

Caleb had to get Arabelle to help wipe off his hand.

Fun riding in the wagon!

Everybody has to ride in the wagon at the same time. Good thing Arabelle & Bo are skinny!

Now it's a party! At least Arabelle and Bo liked the hats. Caleb, not so much.

Jacob woke up for the end of the party :-)

Busy fixing things
Fun with the balls. Started out with 100 balls. The bag now has 94 balls. Haven't found the others yet :-)

First Professional Haircut

Riding in the wagon

Checking out the Playdoh

Now we're down to 92 balls

3 months old - Jacob's first night in his own room!

Guess he wasn't ready for bed

Caleb was saying, "Cheese"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Wow! January went by fast. Jacob is getting bigger and Caleb is getting more adventurous! We are so proud of Brian as he was ordained as a deacon.

Jacob the Frog

Two handsome men!

Trying to get the thumb in the mouth

Happy boy!

Brian's Deacon Ordination

The Bloodworth and Fincher Families

Hard at Work!

Apparently the dogs prefer their food in their water bowl

Having lunch in the bus!