Monday, January 7, 2013

So far in January...

We have been busy this first week of January! The boys are so cute and I can't take enough pictures.

Taking a nap with Caleb

Jacob relaxing in the bed

Bulldog fans!

The Fincher Boys

Jacob is already sitting in his Bumbo

Hanging out on the couch

The jeans are a bit small. He has a muffin top :-)

Caleb was ready to go outside. He put his hat on, but forgot his shoes.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Christmas Festivities

Jacob napping

Meeting Uncle Matt

Caleb was so excited to ring home the giraffe

Jacob was baby Jesus & Caleb was a shepard

Christmas morning!

He had to use all of his gifts right away!

He was so excited about the bus!

Jacob was excited as well!

Riding the giraffe

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Here are a few of our Christmas photo shoot pictures.

Getting Jacob dressed

Caleb wanted to hold Jacob

The reindeer antlers are in the way :-)

Big yawn!