Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fair and Fun

It's been a while since I put up some pictures. The weeks are flying by now. We went to the Cumming Fair and Caleb loved it! He liked looking at the animals, 'riding' the tractors and riding the pony. We have been having a lot of fun playing outside and going to the park.

He laughed like this most of the time.

He thought putting his head through the hole was pretty funny!

Checking the pumpkins :-)

Waiting for the horse show

Sitting on the hay bales in the trailer.

Driving the tractors

He likes his new 'bear' hat

He liked climbing on the cushions and pushing his bulldozer off of them.

This is what he does when he is told to smile

Playing on the quilt

Nap time

Just kidding :-)

Watching Mickey Mouse!

Playing in the mud

Playing at the park, in the parking lot, with acorns

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