Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caleb in August

So, apparently I have not updated the blog in quite a while. Theses are all pictures from August. Caleb and I went to Pineview for a week and had so much fun playing outside and with Mamaw and Papaw. We ended the week by going to the Roberts' for Arabelle & Bo's birthday party. Caleb had so much fun playing with all of the toys. The last few pictures are of Caleb playing around the house.

Playing with Papaw in the fort

Going down the slide!   
Playing in the sand table with Aunt Dawn

Now playing in the car....

On to the wagon, which is clearly more fun because Mamaw pulled him!
He got right in front of me while I was taking pictures, so of course I had to take his picture :-)
Chilling in Arabelle's chair

Grandma & Lindsey

Caleb loves riding the dinosaur when Daddy pushes him!

Ready for the pool

A new place to play!

I put on my own boot!

A giant sand box at the park!

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