Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tea

We had our 2nd annual Christmas Tea at New Canaan Baptist Church. We enjoyed some great food and had a great singer and speaker. Here are a few pictures of the tables.

My Table

Emily Singleton's Table

Gelaine Lance's Table

Gelaine Lance's other Table. Gelaine has more friends than we do.

Melanie Maddox's Rustic Themed Table

Brenda Wilkerson's Table

Martha Ann Thompson's Table

Me and Moma


  1. I used gift bags with baby breath dry flowers inside the bags on a round table once. One of the ladies in attendance removed the bag (med. size) because she couldn't see the lady across the table from her with the bag there. Ugh! Did you have the same issue with the gift boxes? I wasn't happy the bag was removed from the table. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved all of these tables!! I am women's ministry director at my church in Indiana and am going to suggest this idea!! If you are ever looking for a speaker in the future, I would love to be considered to share with you. You can see more at God bless you! Love this idea!