Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mamaw's Birthday Present, Bath & Standing

Caleb got a new toy for Mamaw's birthday! An educational keyboard that is interactive with the TV. It changes heights so he can stand and dance when he is able!

Just a laughin'
Just like his Daddy, eyes closed :-)
Look at that fast hand playing!

Caleb had his first bath in the real bathtub tonight. He loved it!

So cute!
He loved the letters

The boys

He learned that he can take the letters off the wall
Oooo, how many can I hold at one time?
Caleb is also doing pretty good standing up while holding on or leaning against something.

Um, Dad, don't go too far...
Oh, I think I got the hang of this now.
Whoa, look at me!
I'm awesome :-)