Wednesday, October 19, 2011

8 Months

Once again, I can't believe Caleb is 8 months old. He is growing up so quickly. Caleb sits up great now. I still put some pillows around him because he will dive after toys. He lays on his belly a lot more than he used to. He doesn't crawl or scoot yet, but he will dive for something and then wiggle and roll around until he gets what he wants. Caleb is a great eater. He eats cereal in the morning with some fruit and milk. He has vegetables and milk for lunch and milk and a fruit for a snack. He has milk, cereal and a meat and vegetable for dinner. We haven't fed him any table food yet, just sticking with the convenient jar baby food. Caleb now has two teeth! They are both on the bottom. His second tooth broke through around September 29. I brush his teeth now in the morning and sometimes at night. It depends on how tired he is. He still loves to play in the jumper and the exersaucer. He doesn't have a favorite toy right now. Whatever toy I put in front of him, he will play with for a while. Caleb doesn't really like to watch TV. I have tried watching Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse. He will look at the TV for about 1 minute and then he's done with it. I caught myself watching Sesame Street when Caleb wasn't even facing the TV. :-) Caleb likes to babble and he will shake his head side to side like he's saying no. When Caleb wants us to pick him up he will stretch his arms out to us and lean toward us. It is so cute! I makes me feel so loved! Caleb can't wait for Brian to get home from work. Caleb gets somewhat fussy in the afternoon, but as soon as Brian drives up Caleb gets a big smile on his face and starts bouncing. It makes Brian happy of course, but I think I am just as happy that he loves his Daddy so much! According to my calculations, Caleb weighs 19lbs and is 26 3/4 inches long. We are now beginning to baby proof the house. It won't be long and Caleb will be into everything!

He wanted to grab the sign

We went to Pineview to celebrate Mamaw's birthday!
At the Corn Maze
Caleb riding his first horse
Isaiah loved pushing the stroller
Arabelle didn't mind going for a ride
Anderson's turn on the horse
Caleb's second horse ride
Playing with the spices that Bo got out
Mamaw and Isaiah
Grandma & Caleb
Having some fun around the house.

All dressed up for church
So adoraboo!
What a stud!
Wild man with the spiked hair

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