Thursday, September 8, 2011

Caleb has been busy!

So, Caleb is not only eating cereal, but he is also eating peas, green beans and sweet potatoes. He likes to eat and doesn't get too messy. So far he doesn't try to put his hands in the food very often. After Caleb eats at his high chair we take him to the couch so he can hold his own sippy cup and drink his milk. He has to be reclined to be able to get the milk out of the cup. He can also sit up all by himself. Of course he does tip over occasionally so we put pillows or stuffed animals around him to cushion his falls. Finally, Caleb is getting his first tooth! We can see more of it every day! Brian's brother, Chris got married this past weekend. Caleb was the ring bearer so he got all dressed up in his black pants, white dress shirt and black vest. Aunt Lindsay carried him down the isle. He was so cute!

Sitting up playing!

You can see the tooth if you make it your desktop background :-)
Just being adorable
He loves to chew on the hand

All dressed up and so handsome
It's never too early to start

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  1. Looks like he's saying "What Mom?" in the 4th from the bottom. :)