Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Six Months

Caleb is six months old!!! Wow how time is flying by! Caleb is still a great baby. We don't have to rock him to go to sleep. We just lay him in the crib and he goes to sleep. We give him a security blanket/toy to hold and feel when he's falling asleep. He'll just rub it on his face and doze off to sleep. Caleb sleeps through the night on most nights. Every now and then he will wake up around 2, but I usually just put his pacifier back in and he goes back to sleep. He eats 4-6oz. 5 times a day. He is a growing boy! He seems much longer now.  Caleb has started rolling over now. He will roll from his stomach to his back. He can roll from his back to his side, but he has no desire to lay on his stomach! Caleb still loves to go on walks and do anything outside. We like to swing on the hammock in the evening. Caleb has started babbling more. Sometimes he will babble for a while. It's fun to hear him talk. Caleb loves to chew on the small flexible toy that Memaw got for him. Whenever we get it out he just stares at it and puts his hands out to grab it. Of course, it immediately goes into his mouth. Caleb loves to laugh, or maybe we love to hear and see him laugh. Either way we find ourselves doing silly things just to get him to laugh.Caleb was a trooper at the doctors office today. He got his shots, cried for a couple of minutes then was happy again! He weighs 16 pounds 5 ounces (30%) and is 25 inches long (10%).

Mamaw came to visit when we worked at the PGA Championship. She spoiled him rotten! She got him new toys to play with, which he LOVES! The toys are colorful and make fun noises (we'll see how long I think they're fun noises). Caleb also got some very cute clothes for the fall. Every night Mamaw rocked Caleb to sleep. During the day Caleb and Mamaw went on walks and played all day! Mamaw had him laughing so hard. She would run towards him and he would crack up laughing. It was so cute. Caleb loved spending the day with Mamaw. Brian and I enjoyed having her here as well. We were exhausted after being marshals and Mamaw had supper ready for us and had Caleb fed and bathed!

This past Sunday we went to Rome for Kaleb's baptism. Memaw had another fun teething toy for Caleb when we got to church. It is in the shape of a hand with grooves on the finger tips. Caleb loved it. He spent probably half the service chewing on the hand. When we went to the Fincher's home, Caleb showed off his new trick of rolling over. He also laughed a lot at Memaw, Pops and Aunt Lindsay.

Caleb (and us) is (are) so lucky and blessed to have two sets of great grandparents!

Sitting up by himself....almost.
He loves the jumper

Drinking from a sippy cup!

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