Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Cute Pictures

I have so many pictures of Caleb and they are too cute not to share. I might be a little partial :-)

Our Father's Day Picture - We didn't want to wake up Caleb, but doesn't he look cute in his dress shirt and vest!

Brian wants Caleb to go to work with him. He thinks he will be able to sell more insurance with Caleb as a partner.
He's soooo cute in his shorts. He looks like a little man :-)
Caleb and me in our Texas shirts

Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation and Brian's Birthday

We went to Hilton Head for Brian's birthday. We had a great time. Brian's parents and sister met us at the beach. On Saturday we enjoyed some pool time and then went out to eat. We attempted to eat at the Sea Shack, but decided not to wait in line when the people in front of us had 10 other people come join them in line. They also brought a cooler with them and broke out the beers while waiting in line. So, since we didn't know it was a BYOB we decided to leave (j/k). We enjoyed dinner at Longhorns.

On Sunday Brian and I enjoyed the pool in the morning and then went to play golf in the afternoon. It was the first time I played golf in about a year. I didn't play too well, but not too bad either. It was really hot and we were both growing weary as we approached the signature hole #13. It was a beautiful par 3, 147yds. Since it was the 'signature hole' I got the camera to take a few pictures. I took pictures of Brian hitting the ball. After he hit the ball I was looking at the camera and the pictures I had taken. Brian asked me if I saw where the ball went. Thinking he had hit a bad shot and couldn't find his ball I told him I wasn't watching and asked where it went. He replied with a simple answer, "In the hole." I couldn't believe that I missed seeing the ball roll into the hole. I didn't want to hit my shot, I wanted to go see the ball in the hole. So, I think Brian had a great birthday especially since he got a hole in one!

For dinner we once again attempted to dine at the Sea Shack, but they were closed on Sundays. So, we enjoyed dinner at Bonefish Grill. It was delicious and they gave Brian a box of chocolates for his birthday! When we returned to the room we celebrated Brian's birthday with cake (with some trick candles :-)

Caleb did great away from home. He was fussy a during the evening, while we were in the car, but I expected that. He slept through the night and took a couple of naps during the day. He did great in the car on the way and the way back home. He slept pretty much the entire way home. We had a great time, but as always I am tired and glad to be home.

On the way!
At the Sea Shack

Now at Longhorns

Brian's birthday

A fawn at the golf course. I got pretty close, but we were afraid the mom might come charging at me.
Brian approaching the tee box on #13
Brian checking out the green, planning his shot.
Brian watching his ball roll in the hole!

Hole in ONE!!!
And I looked cute :-)
At the beach

Caleb is in the ocean
Aunt Lindsay's idea for a good picture setting
Caleb's smiling for the camera. The cake did say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but it was in the hot car too long :-( It's the thought that counts, right?

The optimal way to hold Caleb while he is pooping.

Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Months

I can't believe Caleb is 4 months old. We love him so much! I didn't even realize it was possible to love someone that can't do or say anything so much. Caleb is sleeping through the night! He has been since June 2nd. He goes to bed between 8 and 9 and wakes up anywhere between 6 and 8. Caleb still does not like laying on his stomach. He still plays on his mat/gym. He has started sitting in the exersaucer. He only likes it for about 20 minutes at the most. Caleb does a great job when we eat supper. He sits in his bouncer seat on the table and stares at the light as we swing it back and forth. We go to the doctor on Monday, so I will know his weight and length then. I think he weighs between 14 and 15 lbs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The High Chair

We put Caleb in his high chair while we at dinner. He seemed to like it okay.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Some pictures of my baby boy!

I was looking through my pictures from May and thought I would share a few. 

Getting ready to crawl

He was dancing and doing the 'sprinkler'

Thumbs up!

My sweet boy!

Still yawning big

Watching some TV

Mom, not too close. You're cramping my style.

Laughing at Pops

One of Aunt Lindsay's photo shoots. He's as tall as a giraffe!