Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Caleb's Early Surprise Birthday!!!

On Thursday February 17th, I went into labor while at school. A few students noticed I was in pain and asked if I was okay. So, by the last period I asked some adults if my symptoms indicated labor. The school nurse told me I needed to call my doctor and they would probably want me to go in to get checked. I told her sure, after I finish giving the students the 5 minutes of notes I had left. She said, "No, I mean you need to go now." When she said that I just said okay and left. A few students asked what was going on and if I would be coming back to school. I just said that I didn't know and we will see.

I called the doctor's office and of course my doctor was not there. I spoke to the doctor on call and she told me to come in right after lunch. Since I had a few minutes I decided to stop by the house to pick up our hospital bags...just in case. I also saw that we had one piece of derby pie left in the kitchen. The most common thing I hear about women going into labor is how hungry they are the entire time. So, I decided to eat the piece of pie and have a glass of milk. It was delicious!
I arrived at the doctor's office and they took me back right away before any of the people with appointments. I felt pretty special. When the doctor on call, Dr. Carol Johnson, checked me out she said I was 3cm dialated. She then put me on the machine that records the contractions (how far apart and how long). After about 20 minutes of that, she said I was definately in labor and needed to go ahead and get checked into the hospital.

While I was at school, I had sent Brian an e-mail that said, "Don't worry or panic, but I think I am in labor. I will keep you updated." He managed to slip out of his meeting to call me when I was about to go to the doctor. I told him I would let him know what the doctor said. So when I was about to leave the doctor's office, I sent him a text that said, "Come to the hospital."

So, as I am driving myself to the hospital, the ladies from school called me to tell me the shower they had for me at school that day went well and they would bring the presents by the house. I missed my own baby shower because I was about to have my baby!

I arrived at the hospital at 2:49pm. I checked in and was taken to the pre-delivery suite to be monitored as they made attempts to stop or slow down the labor. Since I had eaten the pie, they wanted to wait a few more hours, if possible, to do surgery. While I was waiting on Brian to make it from Atlanta, Emily and Bridget came  to be with me at the hospital. Finally, I wasn't alone anymore and I could share my excitement with others. Mrs. Felicia also came by and so did Lomax. Lomax braided my hair so I could more easily keep it all under the surgical hat. Brian soon arrived and got dressed in his scrubs and shoes and mask and hat!

Lomax braiding my hair
Brian is a little excited!
We are ready!!!
We go back into the operating room around 5:10. They prepare me for surgery as Brian waits outside. When they are ready to begin Brian is allowed to come sit in the chair beside my head. They put up a sheet between my abdomen and my face so I could not see. I asked them several times if I could watch, but each person said no :-( I did manage to convince Brian to stand up and look and he was able to get some good footage of Caleb being born! As soon as Caleb was born a nurse told Brian that video was not allowed in the operating room. Brian had already gotten the best part on video - our son being born!

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord

Moma and Daddy meeting Caleb for the first time!

Caleb was having a little trouble breathing at first, so they took him to the NICU. By the time the doctors sewed me back together, Caleb was in the regular nursery. I spent some time in the recovery room and got to see my Moma and Daddy and Brian's Mom, Dad, and sister. We were all so excited to finally meet Caleb!!!

By the time they took me to the hospital room, the excitement was mounting. Everyone was so ready to meet Caleb. I was too, but I was also hungry! Finally, we all got to meet Caleb...and he was so cute and adorable and precious and.....


  1. That video is awesome!! Caleb is so precious, and we can't wait to meet him!! So glad everything went well!
    Love you,

  2. Can't believe Brian snuck a video! "Um, you can't film in here". hahaha!
    I also love that you asked to make sure Caleb was indeed a boy. :)

  3. Lindsey and Brian,
    Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy!! So glad to hear everything went so smoothly for you - you act like a pro already!! And I love that you are thinking about eating :-)
    Can't wait to see little Caleb. Have fun with him!